4hundredwaze – Our mission

Our mission consists of several goals we tend to achieve in the future and many others that we already successfully accomplished. We are trying to help people gain knowledge about the importance of sleep and how much it affects the general health of a human body. In the last decade, we held so many conferences seminars and social gathering with the main goal of raising sleep awareness. We started organizing summer camps to try to educate our youth to pay more attention to their health and to share the information that they learned with their friends and family because we care about our younger generation as much as the older ones. With the social media expansion in recent years, we are promoting sleep health on the internet more successfully than ever.

Various missions

post2aWe motivate and support best practice levels – Foundation recognition enables insurance for partners that they are going to be appreciated and honored for the excellence of their products.

Research and development is our top priority. We invest in our researchers and developers so we could get the best results in the field of sleep health.

Our mission will never stop until each and every member of society can say that they have a good night sleep. We will continue to spread awareness and positive attitude among people. . Because sometimes the big change in our lives have to come from within us, not from someone else. Our advocacy for health is not forceful, only educational and mindful.

Recent accomplishments

post2bIn August last year, we launched a very big and important group force, and that is to start our political advocacy campaign. We are trying to make politicians really start and engage in national conversation about sleep health and the importance of sleep health for our community. And the main reason why are we doing this is that an independent report from the last year showed us how big economical cost of inadequate sleep is in the community. Inadvecate sleep exist when people feel that throw the week they didn’t sleep enough. That is projected in a way that sleeping disorder is disabling people to contribute to society as they should be able to or like to. Loss of productivism due to the absence of quality sleep is a very big modern issue.