4hundredwaze – Foundation team

We are a non-government organization that was set up about two decades ago to promote quality sleep in the community and to advocates for issues around sleep health. It sort of grew out of the professional association, with a physician, sleep experts and so forth got together for conferences. And we all decided we needed more community focused. So we set up sleep foundation and we have been very successful since then. I have been with the foundation since the very beginning. I am the sleep psychologist myself and a professor of psychology and for the last year or two, I have been the chair of the foundation.

Our strengths

post1aHealthy sleep is our advocacy – We delivering a powerful persistent message inspired by sleep health to the public and its leaders through media, social media, and dialogue.

We raise awareness about sleep problems – We have created a name for yourself and attention as much in the written media as in the broadcast media. Throw our website we are trying to educate the people. Also, we are trying to get to younger generations throw social media. Working closely with politician has resulted in some major changes in preventions of sleep disorders.

We have been the voice of national sleep health and safety. Our journal “sleep health” emphasizes wellness, performance, safety, and well-being. Our foundation has always been the internet top destination for sleep information and out new website offers the interactive view of sleep for the public. The content highlight sleep in the context of science, the bedroom environment, lifestyle and age. We also lead the way of drowsy driving preventions. We take the sleep science beyond the world of medicine and public policy, improving your sleep and improving your health so you are ready to take on the day. We are a group of people on the same mission, and that is to bring healthy sleep into every home in our community.

Sleep significancepost1b

We spend one-third of our life sleeping or we should. Getting better sleep improves energy, safety, mood, and wellbeing. In the future sleep will be a vital sign in diagnosing your health. Over the past 15 years, we have made a lot of progress in unlocking the mysteries of sleep. How it affects our brain and circulation rhythms. How it consolidate memory, how it helps heal our bodies and helps us feel great the next day.