How Does Waze Ads Work?

Waze is a fast-growing navigation software application. It is a free, community-driven GPS navigation application that helps users with their navigation details and enables users to submit travel routes information. The application achieves this by downloading location-dependent details via the mobile phone network.

This application can be used in any smartphone, tablet, and computer that has GPS support. Aside from using the application for navigation, the app can be used to advertise a small or large business.

How Does Waze Ads Work? Waze incorporates your business logo into the map at your location with the navigations. So, all drivers using Waze on that route can have access to your ad by clicking on it for more details.

Waze Ads is an amazing way of driving customers to your business. Waze users and business owners can add places or businesses through the Waze app or Waze Map editor.

Here is a step by step procedure on placing your business on the Waze app and using it to help more customers find your business.

How Do Waze Ads Work?

The Waze ad has three different types of ads display you can select from.

1. Branded Pins

This particular method of advertising pop-ups appears on the map to indicate a close-by business. The driver could click on the pop-up and decides to check out the location if he likes it.

These branded pins are like store signposts. The pins remind drivers that your business is on their route and also provide them with the details needed to get there.

2. Promoted Search

This type works just like google search promoted ads do. With this method, your location and brand logo will be at the top of the results page when searched and will be seen as an ad.

3. Zero-Speed Takeover

This type occurs when drivers make a stop. Your brand banner or ad will pop up on half of the driver’s screen showing that your business is close-by. So far, this method has proven to be the most effective.

It shows promotions or activities that the driver might be interested in. It is like a take over billboard digital display.

Advertising on Waze is available to all types of businesses. However, the businesses that have benefitted more by using the ads features above are retail stores, restaurants, gas stations and even entertainment locations.

Tracking is very important while using Waze ads. The analytics mostly used is the trend line of traffic drive to your location before and after activating a paid package and also the total amount of users looking for business or services.

How To Place Your Business Ads On Waze?

Here is a step by step guide on placing a business ad on Waze:

  • Click on the report:

Open your wave App and click on reports. Next, you click on places. This will give you an option of business or residence. Click on business.

  • Describe your business:

This next step is very important because the content on your business can either drive more customers to your business or away from it.

Describe your business and write out details that would appeal to potential customers. You can use the in-app camera to take a picture of your brand.

  • Select your budget:

You should pick a budget that works for you. They have the starters which are suitable for small business with 1-10 locations. Its features include branded pins, promote search, geographical targeting, self-service platform, and e-mail support.

There is also the plus package for businesses with 1-10 locations. Its features include Zero takeovers, Geo-Targeting, and Time Scheduling, Dedicated account manager, branded pins and Promotional search.

  • Click on done:

You can tap on the done icon when you have filed in every detail required.

How Much Does It Cost To Place My Business On Waze?

Waze charges ads are based on CPM that is a cost-per-thousand impression. Large brands and businesses are able to buy Waze ads for as low as $850 per day for cost per thousand per click. While the small business and local ads cost as little as $2 per day on cost per thousand impressions.

The Waze group introduced two packages for small businesses.

  • The Starter package:

This package is available in more than 55 countries, for small business owners. It is a self-service package. It is mostly for businesses with 10 locations. This package requires an investment of $2 per day.

  • The Plus package:

This package is still limited to some countries such as Brazil, France, Mexico, U.S, and Israel. The package is for businesses with more than 10 locations and it can take up to 50 locations. The package costs $100 per day.

This package includes every feature in the starters package and much more. It includes zero-speed takeover ads, time scheduling targeting, live support for account setup, phone support and billing through invoice.

How Much Data Does Waze Consume?

Waze consumes about 0.23MB per hour and it can cost lesser if you plot the direction yourself. Although your mobile data has to be switched on for GPS and other services running on the background for the app to function, it cost less data.

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Is Waze App Free?

Yes, the Waze app is a free app, it is available on Google play store for Androids and smartphones. It can also be seen in the Apple play store on your iPhone. Although your data would be used, it is dependent on your network provider or WiFi.