Aisha Frederick – Career and Studies

Sleep has been an important part of my career and studies. I was really attracted to the tangible nature of being able to investigate sleep, and also that it has so many consequences to the individual people. So for my honors year I did a study on sleep, then went to Germany on a scholarship and studied about sleep disorders, came back to the States and did my Ph.D. about narcolepsy. Really my whole academic research career has been focused about sleep. Sleep excites me because it is an endless field of interest and because there is so much that we don’t know, so many unknown things. Things that are important.

Life story

post3aYou see, since I was a little girl I could always remember stories that my mom used to tell me about my sleeping habits. She would tell me how we talked in made up languages, how I used to decorate my room with crayons, used to ride my fluffy animals all that while sleeping. Because I was so little I didn’t think that is possible so I didn’t believe her. But after my roommate told me similar stories while I was in college I started to believe and research it how to live with it. And recently and my husband can confirm it, I am no longer a sleepwalker.

Answer and Conclusion

How did I achieve that, well it’s a funny thing, I didn’t, my husband did. You see if I make any sudden moves my husband immediately wakes up. So he started following me right after I get up and start sleepwalking around the house. Soon he found that I like to get out of the house and sit by the pool. One night he taped a glue paper and feather at the back door as a joke, and I obviously walked right into it that same night, and by the time he came to rescue me I was looking like a chicken and that somehow stayed in my head, that silly look I had, and that somehow subconsciously made me stop sleepwalking. I’m grateful to my husband for making me a chicken and giving me the opportunity to sleep safer. You should never give up trying to help yourself because solutions are everywhere around you.