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Our mission is to enhance the lives of disadvantage youth throughout the Compton Community and surrounding areas. We will do this by providing personal growth and development programs along with educational experiences that will stimulate the minds of our youth in a positive way. Also, we will incorporate (STEMM) science, technology, education, math and music experiences for the youth that will afford them experiences to broaden their way of thinking and dealing with life issues. Working alongside Mayor Aja Brown, City of Compton, her staff and other professional community resources, we will form a progressive team to assist us in achieving our goals. We will provide activities that will expose our youth to all above listed resources. We want to improve relationships between the youth, their peers and the community at large. Our goal is to redirect the young people in the Compton Community and surrounding areas, by providing more positive experiences, allowing them options for a more productive life style. Together we CAN make a difference.


Working with the public school system, counselors, family members and Department of Children and Family Services, we will assist in helping students accomplish their goals.

Career Direction

We plan to work one-on-one with students to help them explore their career goals, educational opportunities and provide direction to encourage them to pursue higher education and career development.


By exposing our youth to community resources in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), we will help them and encourage them to pursue these fields of study.


We want to improve relationships between communities and the Foster Care System with the hope of facilitating adoption/permanent placement opportunities for youth who are part of the system. This will allow them to have more positive experiences, become productive individuals, and provide them with skills to become successful and active participants in their communities.

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